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The Discover phase of the web design process is all about information-gathering. This step is important for you to understand more about your client’s business and industry, their target market and customers, and the ultimate goal/aim for the website.


ust like information-gathering, the planning step of website design is a critical part of launching a new website. As designers, it’s easy to want to jump right into the design step, since that’s the most creative (and enjoyable) part of a project. But, ultimately, research and planning will help clarify your objectives for the website and guide your design, so spend a generous amount of time in this stage of the process.
Just like the saying, “measure twice, cut once,” spending time on website planning is a good investment that will ultimately save you time and even money in the long-run.

Content Review & Development

The last part of the website planning process includes an in-depth review of the website content. You’ll need to take an audit of existing content (if the client has a website already) and make a plan for producing new content. Clients can be responsible for creating new content, but sometimes it’s helpful to contract with a freelance writer to finish up content needs.


The design how the website will look. In this step, a website wire frame is created with basic web page elements such as the header, navigation, widgets, etc. The wire frame can then be moved into a more realistic mock up using a program such as Photoshop/illustrator.


In the Develop step, the website design is translated to actual code that makes the website work. This stage can be the most lengthy, so keep clients informed on the status of the project.


Finally, it’s time to launch the website. Since there are so many steps involved in launching a website, it’s a good idea to use a checklist to make sure you haven’t missed a step.



A business owner and social media blogger, I wanted something which looked very professional and which was essentially image based to sell my products and my practice on social media. RS worked very closely with me throughout the entire process, advising me at every stage, sending me sample web pages for approval, and responding promptly to any requests I made for changes or amendments. Since its launch, Ayanian Group & Yawmiyet Lebnene websites have received a lot of very positive and complementary feedback from our clients and potential clients, and have generated new business for the practice. RS has given me excellent support over the past year since the sites were launched, and has been more than co-operative in accommodating any requests for changes and additions to the sites to keep them fresh and up-to-date. I have been very pleased with the service I received and would have no hesitation in recommending RS for web design work.

Serge Ayanian

CEO - Ayanian Group
Mr Rudy Sleiman is without doubt one of the best web designers I've met in my career. He is consistently faster than my expectation in delivering his work, has a deep understanding of each detail, a very high creativity which he materializes in seconds on Photoshop and excellent communication skills. His loyalty to the people he works with is second to none and has the best price per value in the market regardless of the budget. With so much passion to his work you're sure his collaboration will bring your company growth.

Marc H. Feghaly

CEO - L'oreé Du Mzaar Hotel
Every medical job needs to be perfectly done to produce health and wellness. So We, as a medical team wanted to take the best from everything to give it all to our clients in an easy new and rapid way by creating an online solution for people to make pain disappear rapidly. And with RS creative boutique, our experience was outstanding by creating in websites and the talent of incarnation of ideas into the bright future.


Doctor in Physiotherapy



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