Talented people from all over the world

We’re wonderful & weird people with different & diverse ideas.

Our team is your team. When your goal is to get better, faster, and smarter, you need the greatest people to help you achieve it.

Even though each of our staff is exceptional in their own right, it is their combined efforts that make RSCB such a fulfilling and enjoyable place to work. The RSCB team is a close-knit, talented group with the shared goal of providing consistently excellent results for our customers as well as making the agency a fun, welcoming place to work and pursue a meaningful career.

The man behind the lion!

Our founder , CEO , and creative director , started his career at the age of 17 , his hobby became a passion and with the right orientation and experience a one man job became who we are now !

Rudy Sleiman

Founder & CEO

Hadi has 7 years experienced in managing IT project around internet applications, such as ERP Cloud, CRM and Web Design.

His most important professional goal is : make his clients happy and make them achieve what they need and what they want.

Hadi Paul Sleiman

Partner & Developer

With a very vast experience, Dr. Pierre Khazen is well know for his marketing strategies and techniques and will be able to provide clients entering the market great advice and amazing strategies to skip mistakes and lead you straight to success.

Dr. Pierre Khazen

Partner &Marketing Advisor

As RS Creative Boutique’s newest content creator, Karine will be copywriting content for our clients. Want to know what keywords to hit to attract your ideal guests? Or how to say something to make it sound really… appetizing? Karine here is your girl.

Karine Abdelnour

Consultant, Copywriter & Content Creator

When a website needs custom plugins, software, or integrations, Vicken is called into action as our resident programmer. When he is in web developer mode, he is often tasked with scoping work and finding a fluent way to integrate the necessary add-ins to our websites.

Vicken Bedikian

Programmer & System Administrator

Always feeling safe and having peace of mind with the skills that JP has. Always on point and on time keeping everything in check and providing financial help.

Jean Paul El-Helou