What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

The traffic on your website should be measured by quality instead of quantity in order to reach its conversion potential which eventually is the ultimate goal. And along with traffic, marketers and website owners should focus on ranking as well, but these are only two of the vanity metrics that are obsessed over while conversion metrics is more powerful in the long run.
CRO Analysis & Monitoring Services

CRO, which is Conversion Rate Optimization, is the process or system that aims to increase the percentage of visitors that take conversion actions on your website. Monitoring and optimizing your CRO closely is needed whether you wish to sell a product or generate leads.

Which is why RSCB will reveal subtle issues on your website by performing a thorough conversion analysis. And to maximize your website’s conversion potential, you will receive customized solutions to fix the problem.

Our CRO Cocktail

Website Conversion Analysis

Whether your conversion goal is to generate leads or sell a product, you’ll need to closely monitor and optimize your conversion rate. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process or system that aims to increase the percentage of visitors that take conversion actions on your website.

Specific problem areas that CRO targets include:

Product presentation and copy
Landing page design
Call to actions

A lot of issues may go unnoticed. You may even be content with your conversion rate without realizing that it’s not even halfway from your websites conversion potential.

Internet Marketing Conversion Analysis

We will start from the common source of conversion issues: low-quality traffic. Your marketing campaigns are driving a lot of traffic and potential leads to your website/landing page but only a handful proceed further into the sales funnel. What could you be doing wrong?
The thorough internet marketing conversion analysis will reveal any issues in your marketing campaigns. The main issues include:

Poorly-targeted internet marketing campaigns that attract low-quality traffic
Poorly-targeted website content
Website design/branding flaws
Weak calls-to-action

Conversion Funnel Analysis

It doesn’t stop with attracting high-quality traffic. You also need to lead your visitors further into your sales funnel and make sure that you won’t lose them before they perform a conversion action. The conversion funnel analysis provides an insight into the effectiveness of the conversion pathway of your sales funnel. This is one of the most important parts of the funnel that’s why you need to watch out for issues like funnel leaks. These leaks cause you to lose a conversion opportunity as it leads your prospective customers astray. These leaks may come in the form of:

Distractions (design flaws, too many calls to action, etc.)
Complicated conversion pathways (too many page redirects, complicated navigation, etc.)
Failure to “nurture” leads

The analysis will help in creating strategies that can plug funnel leaks and increase conversions.

Website Usability Analysis

Ease of use is one of the issues that cause funnel leaks. There are different aspects of website usability that can cause confusion to the user and affect different parts of the sales funnel. Usability issues that impact the conversion funnel most include:

Navigation issues
Content ambiguity
Wrong placement of content and call-to-action buttons
Slow loading times
Non-mobile responsive

The usability analysis can provide insights on what to improve on the website itself. Any changes won’t necessarily affect your marketing campaigns.

Website Copy and Analysis

Even though previous analyses cover any issues with website copy and design, we believe that an in-depth analysis is very important. Website copy and design are vital elements not only in internet marketing campaigns but also in presenting the brand itself.

The website copy should not only be professional but also speak to the target audience. The analysis will focus on three things: the tone of the copy (should reflect the company’s branding goal), the content of the copy (should contain vital information and answer common customer concerns), and persuasion.

Website design analysis focuses on aesthetic appeal and consistency. Your website’s design should be eye-catching, professional, has strong and clear branding elements, and consistent across all of the website’s pages.

RSCB is a Leading CRO Company

RSCB’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services ensure that your website achieves not only its maximum conversion potential but also its maximum overall performance. Increase your conversions and scale your business with us.

A team of highly-qualified and experienced internet marketers, web designers, copywriters, sales funnel experts and marketing campaign managers will perform these services for you. You will receive a full analysis of your data and provide recommendations so that you can make the most of your traffic’s conversion potential.